Why cook when Jess Blackman exists in the world? Her food tastes like a cross between a 5-star restaurant and your grandmother's home cooking, if your grandmother has a ton of flare. It is a life-saver to have fresh, wholesome food in your fridge that you actually WANT to eat. Plus she patiently customizes everything if you're a picky eater. What could be better?

I turned to Jess to cook for me and my family after the birth of my second child. Her nourishing food and nurturing presence helped me heal and gather strength to nurse my infant while caring for my toddler. Jess is a skilled cook who takes pleasure in working with the best ingredients and finding ways to help fellow mothers and families eat tasty, simple and healthy meals. Working with Jess also helped inspire and influence my own cooking and taught me tricks I'll use to for years to come. Hiring Jess was the single best thing I did for my postpartum recovery and I heartily recommend working with her. 

Having a new baby also means having zero time, especially when it comes to feeding yourself. And nutrition? Out the window!  Chef Jessica has been an absolute game-changer for us. Having her cook us delicious, healthy meals to have a few nights a week has made a giant difference. We are doing Seamless less (you’re welcome, wallets and stomachs!) and are so much happier at mealtime. And as a couple of foodies, my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the flavors and selection. Thank you Jessica for keeping us so well fed!